Psalm 141 is a song of David asking God to protect him from his own words and his heart.  David asks for protection from evil, and even submits himself to accountability to his peers in the faith in order to save him.  He then shifts gears to ask God to overthrow his enemies, for they have killed people of Israel and left their bones scattered.  In the end, he pledges to always trust God and take refuge in Him.

Psalm 142 was written when David was in the cave, perhaps one of the times he had opportunity to do evil against Saul the king or else a time he was hiding from Saul.  He begins this psalm by announcing that he is in trouble and needs the help of the Lord.  He expresses a sense of being overwhelmed, but acknowledging that God knows his location and situation.  He calls the Lord his refuge, but asks once again for God to deliver him from his persecutors and restore him to the company of the righteous.

These two psalms once again exhibit the dual emotions that run rampant, even in a believer, when in trouble.  David is attacked and persecuted on many sides, but he still acknowledges the power and protection of his God.  He feels like he is in prison, but he knows God will deliver Him.  A great statement of this faith is in verse 3:

Psalm 142:3 When my spirit was overwhelmed within me,
Then You knew my path.

When enemies overwhelm, or circumstances seem daunting, trust in the Lord.  Determine to know that He is in control.  He is your Refuge.  He is your Help.

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