David begins this psalm with praise to God, declaring his intent to praise God every day and forever, because His greatness is unsearchable.  He prophesies that one generation will praise Him to another, speaking of His awesome acts.  David lifts up God’s great attributes, His grace, compassion, and mercy.  God’s people will praise the kingdom of God, an everlasting kingdom.  David further describes God as one who upholds the weak, feeds the hungry, who is righteous, gracious, and true.

David’s ode to the greatness of God is just one additional reminder of how a Christian should offer praise to God.  God has done so many great things, and God has been so good, it should be easy for His people to praise Him.  Don’t linger on the negative.  Don’t dwell on the discouragement.  Concentrate on the incredible things of God.  Focus on the fantastic, emphasize the extraordinary, recognize the remarkable, and praise God for them all!

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