The song of the vineyard is a recounting, basically of the history of Israel, where God tells of how he planted and tended a vineyard on a fruitful hill, giving it all the best and caring for it with impeccable skill.  After this, He expected good grapes.  Instead, He received wild grapes, and did not understand.  Therefore, the walls would be broken down, and the hedge taken away, The vines would be burned, and there would be no irrigation.  This is the fate of Israel for not producing fruit after God’s gracious provision and care.

God rebukes Israel for pursuing large homes and wealth, for drinking early in the day and continuing into night.  The people of God revel at feasts and forget to worship God.  Therefore, they are taken into captivity and hunger and thirst.  Isaiah writes that Sheol, or hell, is enlarged and that many will go down into it.  Men will be humbled and brought down. Do not pull wickedness behind you.  Do not call evil good, and good evil, for woe will come upon you!

Do not be wise in your own eyes, for the fire will devour the stubble of pride.  God’s judgment will come upon the prideful and rebellious.  He will bring the enemies of His people against them for a time to discipline them:

Isaiah 5:28–30 (NKJV)
28 Whose arrows are sharp,
And all their bows bent;
Their horses’ hooves will seem like flint,
And their wheels like a whirlwind.
29 Their roaring will be like a lion,
They will roar like young lions;
Yes, they will roar
And lay hold of the prey;
They will carry it away safely,
And no one will deliver.
30 In that day they will roar against them
Like the roaring of the sea.
And if one looks to the land,
Behold, darkness and sorrow;
And the light is darkened by the clouds.

Today, we should remember that God is sovereign and holy.  He is the great and mighty ruler.  Grace is afforded to us, but we must follow hard after God in that grace to please Him.  God’s harsh judgment may or may not fall as hard today as it did in the days of Isaiah, but judgment is still real.  Live right or face consequences.

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