Isaiah 13

Isaiah writes of the day that the Lord will come against all the nations of the earth to destroy and mete out justice. He will bring His sanctified ones with Him and a multitude will come against the kingdoms. Great devastation and destruction will occur. The hands of the enemies will be limp, and they will try to flee to their cities and lands. The sky will be dark, and the proud will be punished. So many will be destroyed that men and women will be scarce in the earth. The heavens will be shaken, and the earth will move out of place. Children will be dashed to pieces, and gold and silver will have no value.

God says that He will destroy the great nations like Babylon like He did Sodom and Gomorrah. No tents will pitch there, and jackals and wild beasts will live there. The destruction is coming and it will be swift.

This futuristic prophecy is one that had some relevance to the day of Isaiah, but also has relevance for the last days as well. If this applies to the restoration of Israel and the destruction of Babylon, then that did occur for Judah to a degree. However, the day of the Lord will bring destruction in the last days as well when God returns to the earth to do battle at Armageddon and destroy the nations amassed in waiting for Him. Either way, the moral of the story is to be on the right side when that day comes: the side of the Lord!

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