Isaiah 19

Isaiah paints a picture of the Lord riding on a swift cloud to judge and bring fear upon Egypt.  God will cause them to fight against one another, even family.  Their sorcerers will give bad advice, and the nation will fall into the hands of a cruel master.

Isaiah then tells how the Lord will judge the waters.  This is significant, because the Nile River was considered a god in the nation of Egypt.  Isaiah says that God will dry up the sea and the river, and the papyrus, from which they made many products, would wither.  The fishermen would be without livelihood.  He also says that those who work with flax and weave fabric would be ashamed.

Isaiah then moves on to the judgment against the wise men of Egypt.  They will be made fools, unable to give wise counsel.  A perverse spirit is in their midst, and all their work will cease.  He makes a comment that the leaders of Egypt will be fearful like women, which was a derogatory comment in that day.  They would fear Judah.  In that day, Egypt will speak the language of Canaan and there will be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land.  In their time of distress, they will cry to the Lord and He will send them deliverance.  In the days of this prophecy’s fulfillment, there will be an equal prominence for Egypt, Israel, and Assyria, and they will all serve Yahweh.

What a marvelous thing!  The judgment of God brings repentance and healing!  Many Christians recoil against the idea of judgment or discipline by God on His people in this age of grace.  However, judgment, like discipline or chastening, can bring a course correction to a ship lost at sea.  Sometimes, an individual, church, or nation must understand the consequences of their actions in order to know the evil of their actions.  Also, one must understand the lostness of living outside of God’s will before they can truly appreciate the joys of living in God’s will.  Trust and obey Him, and enjoy His love and care.  Go your own way and feel the sting of wrath.  You won’t like it!

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