Isaiah Chapter 21

In this chapter, the Lord continues to prophecy through Isaiah of nations that will incur the wrath of Almighty God. He is calling out Babylon, Edom, and Arabia. Babylon will have smoke rising from its great cities, as other nations will overcome them. The watchman sees the lion attacking Babylon along with horsemen. Her idols are destroyed. The threshing floor is full of the chaff of Babylon.

Isaiah goes on to declare the ruin of Edom and Arabia. He instructs Edom to come back to God, as they were descended from Esau, and proclaims the end of Arabia (Kedar). In the end, Isaiah declares: “for the Lord God of Israel has spoken it.” This declaration settles the saying as a divine message and gives the people cause for concern.

The message for us today would be to always stay on the side of right and good. Follow after God with all your heart and obey Him. God is merciful, but judgement will eventually come if one lives in disobedience. Trust and obey God. His is the only way. Jesus is the Way!

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