Amos 8:6–14 (NKJV)

6 That we may buy the poor for silver, and the needy for a pair of sandals—even sell the bad wheat?”

7 The Lord has sworn by the pride of Jacob:  “Surely I will never forget any of their works.

8 Shall the land not tremble for this, and everyone mourn who dwells in it?  All of it shall swell like the River, heave and subside like the River of Egypt.

The oppression spoken of in the last section is here expanded into a judgment of the oppressors as they plot to buy people and sell them as slaves. This level of oppression is wrong in the eyes of the Lord.  Therefore, they will tremble in fear at the judgmental work of Yahweh.

9 “And it shall come to pass in that day,” says the Lord God, “That I will make the sun go down at noon, and I will darken the earth in broad daylight;

10 I will turn your feasts into mourning, and all your songs into lamentation; I will bring sackcloth on every waist, and baldness on every head; I will make it like mourning for an only son, and its end like a bitter day.

11 “Behold, the days are coming,” says the Lord God, “That I will send a famine on the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord.

12 They shall wander from sea to sea, and from north to east; they shall run to and fro, seeking the word of the Lord, but shall not find it.

13 “In that day the fair virgins and strong young men shall faint from thirst.

14 Those who swear by the sin of Samaria, who say, ‘As your god lives, O Dan!’ and, ‘As the way of Beersheba lives!’  They shall fall and never rise again.”

This judgment revolves around famine which will not necessarily starve the people physically, but will deprive them of the Lord’s prophetic word and instructions.  The people will experience a famine of God’s word!  Then, they will become a laughing stock, being mocked by those around them and becoming a byword or swear word because of their sin.  When God’s people ignore His laws and stop listening to His voice, they eventually lose the benefit of His leadership.  Simply claiming His name is not enough.  Relationship involves commitment and a loving devotion to God.  Don’t allow your negligence of God and His truth drive a wedge between you and the Lord.  You need His love and guidance.  He desires your love and commitment.  You need God, and God desires you.  Live in that blessed place of committed relationship.  To do otherwise bring famine of the spirit.

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