Micah 1:8–10 (NKJV)

8 Therefore I will wail and howl,

I will go stripped and naked;

I will make a wailing like the jackals

And a mourning like the ostriches,

9 For her wounds are incurable.

For it has come to Judah;

It has come to the gate of My people—

To Jerusalem.

10 Tell it not in Gath,

Weep not at all;

In Beth Aphrah

Roll yourself in the dust.

Micah strips down to his inner garments and walks barefoot through Jerusalem like a captive would be stripped as they are led away into captivity.  Micah then wails and howls like jackals and ostriches in distress (v. 8)  He speaks of the injuries without remedy applied by Yahweh to all of Israel and even making their way into Jerusalem (v. 9).  Finally, the prophet instructs the people not to tell of this punishment in Gath, a major city of Philistia, for the Philistines would rejoice over the fate of Jerusalem.  However, they were to mourn in their own towns, rolling in the dust as a sign (v. 10).

God looks for His people to offer appropriate sorrow over their sins.  Sometimes consequences are necessary in order for the sinner to properly recognize their sinfulness.  When that realization occurs, the only appropriate response is confession and repentance.  Anything else is rebellious and will require further loss in order to bring one to conviction of spirit.  God speaks to us, then God allows us to walk into trouble, then trouble comes with a vengeance.  Somewhere along that road, you must realize that it is the wrong road and turn around.  Otherwise, you will be in more peril than you will ever want to experience.  Call on the Lord and repent before you are forced to do so!

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