Micah 6:9–16 (NKJV)

9 The Lord’s voice cries to the city—

Wisdom shall see Your name:

“Hear the rod!

Who has appointed it?

10 Are there yet the treasures of wickedness

In the house of the wicked,

And the short measure that is an abomination?

11 Shall I count pure those with the wicked scales,

And with the bag of deceitful weights?

12 For her rich men are full of violence,

Her inhabitants have spoken lies,

And their tongue is deceitful in their mouth.

The Lord pronounces again the judgment that will come upon Israel.  He then lists charges against them, such as false measures for sales, violence, lying, and other general sins.  

13 “Therefore I will also make you sick by striking you,

By making you desolate because of your sins.

14 You shall eat, but not be satisfied;

Hunger shall be in your midst.

You may carry some away, but shall not save them;

And what you do rescue I will give over to the sword.

15 “You shall sow, but not reap;

You shall tread the olives, but not anoint yourselves with oil;

And make sweet wine, but not drink wine.

The Lord then begins to declare the prescribed punishment for the sins of Israel.  He will bring disease and desolation.  They will work in many different fields, but will not reap the benefits of any of them.  No harvest from their planting, no oil from their olives, no wine from their grapes will come.  When they eat, they will still be hungry.  When they obtain plunder, it will die or be taken away.

16 For the statutes of Omri are kept;

All the works of Ahab’s house are done;

And you walk in their counsels,

That I may make you a desolation,

And your inhabitants a hissing.

Therefore you shall bear the reproach of My people.”

God boils the whole matter down to the source of Israel’s sin: idolatry.  Omri and Ahab were evil rulers who led the people astray.  Because they followed their idolatrous example, the judgment of God was coming upon them.  This is a powerful statement that is useful for us today.  Do not conform to the practices of your leaders if they are not righteous.  Don’t follow the crowd.  Instead, live holy according to God’s word and His commands.  Conformity only works if you conform to God’s character and will.  Conformity to the world will destroy you, but conformity to God’s will is blessed!

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