• Hear me, my Lord, my King, and my God.
  • I call on You early and look up toward You for help
  • I offer my words, meditations, and cries unto You
  • You are holy, so therefore I will strive to be holy
  • My enemies attack me, but I know that You will sustain me.
  • Judge my enemies, Lord, and stop their evil schemes.
  • Your greatness saves me and Your love keeps me whole.
  • Lord, do not rebuke me when I sin. Forgive me and heal my innermost being.
  • If I die from my illness, I cannot praise You.
  • I am weary and weak, and I cry all night.
  • In spite of my weakness, I will rebuke my enemies and overcome them in the authority You give me.
  • They will be ashamed when You save me!
  • Lord, I trust You completely.
  • Deliver me from my persecutors.
  • Lord, If I have committed sin, if my hands are dirty, show me.
  • However, if I am righteous in Your grace, deliver me.
  • Arise, O Lord, in Your anger. Lift up Your hand.
  • Rise up in Your power and judge those who have persecuted Your child.
  • You are the righteous Judge.
  • We recognize Your awesomeness.
  • We long for Your grace, mercy, and holiness.
  • Lord, stop the wickedness of the evil.
  • Establish those who do Your will.
  • You are my defense and not another.
  • Lord, You are just and holy and righteous, with no evil at all.
  • God, execute judgment upon the wicked.
  • In Your mercy, save those who turn to You.
  • I trust Your judgment and worship You, O Holy God.
  • Wicked people act wickedly, and then bring down their own kingdoms on their own heads.
  • God, this judgment is harsh and severe.
  • Regardless, I will praise the lord. Your righteousness is beyond compare.
  • Do what You will, as You know best.
  • I will praise You in all these things and worship you with all my heart, O God Most High and Righteous!!
  • O Lord, my Lord, the Lord of the whole earth, Your glory is higher than the heavens.
  • How excellent is Your name, above all others.
  • You are our source of strength and protection.
  • Praise be to the Lord, Who watches over us and defends us in His glory!
  • When I contemplate on the heavens, the moon and stars, constellations and galaxies, and realize that Your word alone created them, I am in awe.
  • In light of the greatness of Your creation, how can You even think of me?
  • Yet, You are mindful of mankind.
  • You have crowned us with Your authority on the earth.
  • We can take authority even over our mortal enemy, the prince of the power of the air, Satan himself.
  • Even He is under our feet!
  • Thank You, O Lord, for being our awesome and powerful God!

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