• Lord, at times I feel alone, as if You are not there.
  • I struggle when I do not hear You speak to me, and I feel I may die.
  • But, O LORD, I trust in You in spite of my feelings, and I recognize You as the God of the universe.
  • Help me see and hear You, and be merciful to me.
  • I know, Lord, that fools say that You do not exist.
  • You have longed to find the faithful on earth who do good, but we are all corrupt.
  • Your judgment is coming against the wicked, and rightly so.
  • Help us who seek You to keep our ways righteous and dwell in Your grace as holy.
  • Bring back what has been taken, and what has been lost. We rejoice in You!
  • LORD, I ask the question, “Who may abide in Your tabernacle?”
  • Who may dwell with You, O LORD?
  • Help me to honor You and fear You, living a life that receives entrance into Your presence.
  • Allow me the privilege to walk with You in this brief and troublesome life, and not be moved!
  • May Your enemies and mine be stopped in there plight to take my eyes off You.
  • Preserve and keep me, O LORD.
  • I trust You and recognize that You are my source for all that is good.
  • I delight in Your presence and in the company of Your people.
  • However, idolaters and sinners will not be my confidants.
  • You are my portion, my help in trouble. You make my inheritance great.
  • I will bless You, O LORD. I will heed Your counsel.
  • I will focus on Your at all times.
  • Keep me from destruction and my soul from hell.
  • In Your presence I will have joy, and I will praise You at all times!

Artwork from https://i.pinimg.com/originals/19/29/14/1929143326dc1d7a67114b642d7a2393.jpg

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