• O LORD, I struggle and strive to live a holy life. I seek to come to You with clean hands and a pure heart.
  • Hear my cry and show Yourself mighty against my enemies.
  • They seem to prosper and gain more and more, these evil men who oppress others.
  • Set things right, Lord, and help me to remember that You adore me, and hide me under Your wings.
  • I will trust in You at all times, for You are my faithful God.
  • Lord, You are my safety and my refuge.
  • You are my strength and You are worthy of all my praise.
  • Death has tried to overtake me, but You rescue me.
  • I am calling on You today, and I ask that You save me from my enemies, physical and spiritual, and save me from the death that longs to overtake me.
  • Lord, when I call upon You, I know that Your voice cries back to me.
  • You thunder through the earth and speak with authority.
  • You uncover anything that is hidden, and You judge the evil and wicked people of the earth.
  • You are my champion, my deliverer, my Savior!
  • Speak to me now, O LORD, that I may hear You and worship.
  • As You open up the deep places of the earth, scoop me up from the deep waters that would drown me.
  • Deliver me from my enemies and set me in a wide place of rest.
  • I will continually strive to be holy and righteous in Your sight.
  • Return a right reward for the actions of men, good for good, evil for evil.
  • Repay those who offer payment and show them that You are God
  • By Your strength, and not my own, I will overcome a troop and bound over every obstacle like a mighty man of war. I will rise up out of my struggle and be strong!
  • You light my path as a lamp and protect my life like a shield.
  • You alone are God.
  • You make my steps secure, You make my path passable and safe.
  • You have given me victory over my enemies.
  • I take authority over evil in all its forms.
  • I serve in the dominion You have given me on the earth, and I will fill my territory with the knowledge of You.
  • Therefore I will praise Your holy name.
  • Blessed be the Rock, the God of my salvation!
  • You have avenged me, You have delivered me, You have extended Your mercy to me.
  • I will praise You for all my days, and lift You up among the brethren and among the unsaved.
  • You are worthy!

Artwork from https://image.slidesharecdn.com/devotionpsalm18-140218190730-phpapp01/95/a-devotion-on-psalm-18-19-638.jpg?cb=1392753859

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