• Lord, You are well-known to Your creation.
  • Your reality is present throughout the earth, even in the skies.
  • The sun moves in its orbit at Your behest.
  • Every word You speak is right and true
  • Your word is sweeter than honey and more precious than gold.
  • I cannot keep myself holy, but please keep me from sin and let all my thoughts, words, and actions be pleasing to You.
  • Lord, hear us when we pray.
  • Help us in our need, and remember our offering to You.
  • Grant us our heart’s desire, so we may rejoice in You!
  • We know that You alone save us, not power or might we may possess or alliances we form.
  • Save us, O King, when we call.
  • Lord, I rejoice in You: Your strength, Your salvation, Your blessings.
  • You give me a place of influence.
  • You save me from all my enemies.
  • I rejoice in You!
  • Be exalted, O LORD and King. We will praise and glorify Your name!
  • Lord, when I feel like I am alone, when the enemy tries to make me doubt, I will remember the victories of the past and trust You for today’s help.
  • When everyone seems to mock me and come against me, like vicious animals against a lamb, I remember that You took me at my birth and made me Your own.
  • At times I am weak and dried up, my bones all seem out of joint.
  • Dogs surround me, and I can count my ribs as if I am a starved child.
  • People already talk about who will take my place and wear my clothes.
  • But You, O LORD, are not far from me. You will stop the mouth of the dogs, the lions, and the wild oxen.
  • I will declare Your glory! You have not forgotten the weak or needy.
  • Everyone shall praise You, rich and old. We will all have the strength to bow before You.
  • To our posterity and our inheritance, the story of the great God shall be told.
  • Thank You for loving and keeping me from my enemies and through my trouble.

Artwork from https://iliveforjesus.in/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/moreprecious-1024×1024.jpeg

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