• O LORD, save me from my enemies.
  • Save me for Your name’s sake.
  • Idolaters are around me everywhere, and I hate their actions!
  • But I will trust in You.
  • You will deliver me in Your mercy.
  • At times, I am broken and I waste away in grief.
  • In those times, I put my life in Your hands and trust You completely.
  • Your goodness is above all others.
  • In my trouble, You hide me in Your secret place, and I am safe.
  • Let all those who know Him love the Lord, for He is worthy!
  • Lord, what a blessing to be forgiven of my sins.
  • When I sin, my soul is dark and sad.
  • Your mercy, though, revives me and makes me whole again.
  • Forgive my sins, O LORD, and make me see good days again.
  • You are my hiding place and my refuge in time of trouble.
  • Instruct me and guide me, and I will find the way of life.
  • I will trust in You and rejoice in You, for You are worthy!
  • I will rejoice in you, O LORD, and sing songs unto Your name.
  • I will praise You with skill and joy, singing new songs that try to extol Your virtues, although they are higher than i can comprehend.
  • Your words are right and true.
  • You created the world in all its majesty and glory.
  • You confound the wisdom of men and rule the nations.
  • You see everything that is, and You orchestrate a balance in the earth that works.
  • No one can withstand You, and to trust in any other is futility and folly.
  • You watch over me as I fear You, and I am safe. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

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