Noah.  Of all the men in the world of his day, he stood out.

Noah was just.  This signifies the righteousness of his life.  A just man lived a life of holiness before God.  God goes on to describe him as a man who was “perfect in his generations.”  Perfect here does not mean Noah never made a mistake or sinned.  It simply means he was complete, mature, ready for God’s service.  What a vaulted position of favor in which Noah found himself.  In this position, Noah was uniquely qualified to be the remnant for humanity to survive God’s judgement.  The final piece of the description says, “Noah walked with God.”

You might could compare this description to a Biblical superhero of sorts!

Then God describes the condition of the Earth: full of sin, corruption, violence.  Not a great place.  Definitely a place that could use a hero.  Kind of sounds like Planet Earth today to me.  A place in need of a hero!  The true hero, the ultimate supernatural Savior of the earth came about 2000 years ago.  However, I am sure that in times like these, God is looking for some heroes to step up and be men and women of God.  God is looking for some people to be available, and just, and perfect in their generations.

Are you willing to step up and be that hero?

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