The Great Flood story is one of the most recognizable of all Old Testament stories.  Sunday School children everywhere can identify Noah and talk about the animals coming into the ark two by two.  But what does the story of the flood teach us for living today?

  • The earth is continually evil and judgement hangs over it.  God told Noah that the end of all flesh was before Him (v. 13, 17).
  • God gives complete instructions needed to fulfill His will (v. 14-16).
  • God provides grace and a way of escape to the righteous (v. 18).
  • Those who are living in grace should reach out to the creation in order to extend that same grace to others (v. 19-20).
  • God is looking for honest worship and sacrifice, even in the midst of tragedy (7:2-3).
  • Obedience to God brings one into a relationship of grace and favor (7:5-7)
  • Waiting upon the Lord, no matter how dire the circumstances may appear, will bring the deliverance of God according to His holy will (7:24)

The one addendum I would include is this:  While the flood is a common children’s Sunday School story, it is also a story of sin, judgement, and redemption.  The story parallels that of Jesus coming to Earth to live, die, rise again, and ascend to heaven.  How?  The earth is still full of sin, corruption, and degradation.  There is still judgement coming to Earth.  The ark is Christ’s grace extended to sinful men, shared by righteous people like Noah.  We can be builders of the ark of safety today if we will share the gospel, pray and invite souls to church and/or the kingdom, and disciple believers.  If we wait patiently for the Lord, He will return one day to take us to the promised land.

So, don’t ignore the call of God, the voice of God, when he asks you to build an ark.  The rain is coming!

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