The two heavenly messengers who were with the Lord when he spoke to Abraham left and went to Sodom to do just as the Lord had said, which was to judge Sodom and see if there was any righteousness in it.  Lot had chosen the valley in which Sodom sat for his portion without considering the sin and judgement that would come (see blog, “Don’t Judge a Book”).  Now, these two angels went to the square of Sodom and Lot invited them to his house to lodge for the night.  Why did he invite them?  Perhaps Lot knew the temperature of the city and knew that they would not be safe in the square all night.  Maybe he was just hospitable.  Either way, his invitation was not protection enough!

In just a short time, all the men, old and young, surrounded the house.  It sounds like a mob scene!  And in a statement that leaves no doubt as to their intentions, they demand that Lot bring his guests out so that they may have sexual relations with them.  Lot comes out to try to reason with them, but to no avail.  He identifies their intentions as wickedness and even offers his own daughters to them for sex if they will leave the guests alone.  They reject the notion, call Lot a judging man, accusing him of a “holier-than-thou” attitude, and try to break down the door.  The angelic guests pull Lot into the house and send blindness upon all the men outside, stopping their efforts and saving Lot’s life.

There are many things wrong with this picture: homosexual intentions, rape, prostitution, violence.  All of these were wickedness, and were the reason for the the judgment that would come upon Sodom.  In our day, we see many of these sins still present in our society.  God’s standards and truth do not change.  While I am thankful that we are living under an era of grace, I still believe America, and the world, needs to turn to God and repent.  Homosexuality, violence, and other sins are still sins.  If God judged them then, judgement will come again.  Be part of the righteous remnant!  Hold on to God in spite of what is going on around you!

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