God begins to restate the covenant conditions to Moses. He begins by expressing His promise to do marvels among the people of Israel, and to bring them into the promised land with no problem by driving out the nations in that land.  He instructed them not to make agreements or enter into relationships with foreigners in which they may be tempted to serve other gods.  Instead, the Israelites were to tear down their idols and altars, and drive them out of the land.  He then reiterates the requirements of the ten commandments, the feasts, and tithing and giving offerings.  Moses took down the particulars of the covenant and the Ten Commandments on the two tablets and spent 40 days and nights in the presence of the Lord without food or water.

When Moses came down from the mountain with the two tablets, his face shined with the glory of God.  The people were afraid to approach him, but Moses called them and he talked with them.  He gave the commandments of God to the children of Israel.  Afterward, Moses wore a veil over his face when in the presence of the people.  In the presence of God, he took off the veil.

After the idolatrous incident with the golden calf, God sought to re-establish His covenant with the people of Israel.  He reminded them of the conditions of the covenant and called them to a new commitment to Him.  Moses is even further established as the man of God.  When we retreat from the presence of God by sinning or following after idols, we must re-establish our faith by destroying the idols of this world and clinging to God wholeheartedly.  If we spend time in God’s presence, the things of the world become less attractive and we will experience the awesome presence of God in our lives.  Seek God’s face wholeheartedly and He will reveal Himself and His will to you gladly!

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