Moses reminds the Israelites of the regulations for the Sabbath, with some additional clarification.  The Hebrews should work six days, and then not on the seventh.  The Sabbath shall be a holy day, a day of rest unto the Lord.  They were in danger of being put to death if they worked on the Sabbath, They could not even kindle a fire on the Sabbath day.

The concept of Sabbath rest is for God and for man.  The Sabbath is for God, in that God deserves and requires us to reserve a day to worship and honor Him.  The Sabbath is for man, in that God knows that we need rest.  If we do not take time to be at rest, then we cannot truly be at our best when we engage life.  One writer said that we cannot truly be present unless we have spent some time absent from the world.  Take time for rest and to be with God and then you can truly be effective when you engage men and women every day!

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