After the 10 spies spoke in doubt concerning Israel’s chances of taking the Promised Land, the congregation complained against Moses and Aaron, and longed to be back in Egypt.  Joshua and Caleb tried to persuade them again that the land could be taken, that it was a good land, and that the Lord was with them.  The congregation threatened to stone Joshua and Caleb.  At this point, the glory of the Lord appeared at the tabernacle before all the children of Israel.

God was prepared to destroy Israel and raise up a people from Moses, but Moses reminded God of His promises to Israel and how the surrounding nations would view Him if he were to destroy all of Israel as a man.  God was not unaware of this, but was one more time testing Moses’ resolve to be a compassionate and selfless leader.  He sought to bring Moses back from his reluctance to lead exhibited in the passages just before this.

The Lord pardoned Israel at Moses’ request, but He banned the current leaders, except for Joshua and Caleb, from entering the promised land.  Only their descendents would enter the land.  Then God instructed Moses to move back into the wilderness.

When God promises something, He intends for His people to move into that blessing.  When Christians live in doubt, they stand the chance of missing an opportunity to be blessed.  Don’t let an opportunity for the goodness of God to slip through your fingers.  An old saying says, “Strike while the iron is hot.”  When God is ready, the time to appropriate His blessings is now!

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