God laid out the plan for the children of Israel in no uncertain terms.  He used direct and frightening language, talking about their carcasses being strewn across the wilderness.  The children, whom the Israelites thought would be lost if they invaded Canaan, would serve as shepherds in the wilderness, and inhabit the promised land after a period of purging.  For every day they spied out the land (40), they would wander for a year.  The Israelites would be 40 years in the wilderness, all the males over 20 years of age would die, and then the children would capture the land.  The ten spies who doubted the ability to take the land were killed immediately by a plague, but Joshua and Caleb remained alive.

Old Testament Justice was fierce.  God destroyed the doubting spies immediately, and the doubting husbands and fathers over a period of 40 years.  The judgement against doubt was intense.  Thank God for grace found through the cross of Jesus Christ.  However, this story shows just how serious God is about us believing Him and following His leadership.  I will follow Thee is not just a song title, but rather a mantra for life.  Follow Jesus all the way!

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