Today, as I reflect on the New Year of 2016, it would be easy to record New Year’s resolutions or goals that I intend to reach this year.  However, it is most important to me, at least, to reflect a bit before launching into a brand new set of ideas and achievements to which to aspire this coming 365 days.

2015 was my first full year as pastor of a wonderful church family, the Kannapolis Church of God.  The church saw great blessings this year, with increases in attendance, giving, membership, and new souls added to the kingdom.

Lisa and I also spent our first full year as grandparents, and are now looking forward to seeing a new addition to our family in 2016, Annabelle, Elijah’s little sister.

We lost some relatives and friends to death this past year, which brings a bit of sadness for us and joy for them.  Our church lost some treasured members and friends as well.  We also met and connected with many new friends and church people this past year, hoping for even more this year!

While 2015 was a wonderful year in many ways, it presented its own challenges as well.  But whatever 2015 meant to us, it is now a memory, no longer to be reckoned with, no longer editable, no longer being molded.  The votes are in, the figures are set, the record is recorded.

But this year is in its infancy.  There is very little in its ledger.  Perhaps some revelry or fun as it entered last night.  Your breakfast this morning.  Your greeting to a spouse or child this morning.  Not much in the way of history.  But that is the beauty of this year.  It stretches before you, like a scroll waiting to be written, a canvas longing for your unique brushstrokes.  Enter into it with passion and purpose, with perspective and power, and let God guide your imprinting upon this 2016 year.  With His help, it can be the best ever!

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