The Days of Christ(mas) 9: The Magi

The three magi studied the stars and the ancient prophecies, risked their lives to take an arduous journey across the desert, and dealt with the murderous King Herod – all to give their gifts to the newborn king. Who ever heard of kings worshiping another king? These wisest of all wise men wanted to give... Continue Reading →

The Days of Christ(mas) 6: The Angels

What joy was Gabriel’s and all the angels who announced the Christmas gospel! What a glorious message they sang from the skies just above the shepherds’ heads! (Luke 2:8-15). Maybe this Christmas season you know that you need to cultivate a heart of worship for Christ? What do you especially appreciate and admire about Christ?... Continue Reading →

The Days of Christ(mas) 4: Joseph

Joseph’s daring faith in the Lord is sometimes missed in the Christmas story. He believed in Mary’s virginity when no one else did and he endured a lifetime of ridicule for doing so. He bet his life on words that an angel spoke to him while he was sleeping. He accepted the daunting challenge to... Continue Reading →

The Days of Christ(mas) 3: Mary

Mary offered the prayer that receives the Christmas miracle: “Let it be to me according to your Word” (Luke 1:38, NKJV). She was God’s chosen vessel to give birth to the Messianic dream that God’s people had been waiting hundreds of years for. But as any mother knows, it’s painful to give birth! And in... Continue Reading →

The Days of Christ(mas) 2: Zechariah

Day Two Yesterday I referred to Gualtiere’s “Advent Devotional Experience” and his seven character sketches. He begins with Zechariah. To summarize his thoughts, Zechariah is where the story of Christmas begins. Hi nine months of silence after doubting God’s ability to give Elizabeth and him a child was God’s way of getting him to hear... Continue Reading →

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