Rejoicing in Blessings and Danger in Corruption (I Samuel 2:1 – 15)

After the birth of Samuel and his being lent to the Lord, Hannah sang a song of praise unto God, outlining how things that seemed desperate or impossible had been reversed by the power of the Lord.  She rejoiced, where she once mourned and travailed before God.  When God comes on the scene and answers our prayers, we would do well to take a lesson from Hannah and offer praises, unbridled and vocal praises, to our provider God.

On another note, the sons of Eli the priest operated in an unlawful way, taking meat from those offering sacrifices in ways that were contrary to the law.  They were selfish and rebellious before God and His commandments.  We will see in just a few more verses how God reacted to this sin, but suffice it to say for now that God does not wink at sin, and there is danger in disobeying God’s law.  Seek His face, obey His commandments, and, if you transgress, seek His face for forgiveness…and live!

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