Warning! (1 Samuel 2:18 – 36)

Samuel, but a child, is in full swing as a helper/minister in the house of God, learning under the tutelage of Eli.  His parents visit him often, and Hannah usually brings him a robe every time.  God blessed Hannah for her gift to the Lord of lending Samuel to the Lord, and gave her three sons and two daughters after Samuel was born.  Moral of the story: if you believe in faith and vow to God, be sure to fulfill your vow after God delivers.  When He is faithful (always), you should be faithful in return, and the blessings of God will continue to flow.

Now for the warning part:  Eli’s sons were evil.  We already spoke of the meat hoarding, in which they took choice cuts of meat before they were boiled in order to cook them the way they wanted.  Now it is reported here that they were sleeping with women as they assembled at the door of meeting, as if it were their right as priests.  What an abominable practice that was!  God sent a man of God to Eli to warn him of the impending judgment upon his sons, Hophni and Phinehas.  The prophecy went on to say that the house of Eli would be cut off from serving in the temple, and God would raise up another priest to serve faithfully.  What does this story tell us?  When God gives a little grace and an opportunity for repentance, do not ignore Him.  Repent, and turn from evil in order to please God and live.  Eli’s son’s ignored the warnings, and the word of the Lord came in judgment.  We cannot afford to ignore the warnings of God for long, as will be evidenced in just a few days.

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