David Mourns the Death of Absalom (2 Samuel 18:19 – 19:8)

Ahimaaz longed to take news of the vengeance taken on David’s enemies.  Joab sent the Cushite instead, but allowed Ahimaaz to run with him.  He outran the Cushite and gave David the news that God had delivered up those who raised their hand against the king.  He asked about Absalom, but Ahimaaz did not know details about his situation.  Then the Cushite got to David and let him know that Absalom had been killed.  David was deeply moved, and went into a chamber and wept.  He stated that he would have rather died in his son’s place.  Joab was told that David was weeping and mourning for Absalom, and that the people were mourning with him.  Joab came to David and said that he was disgracing all his servants who had saved his life.  Perhaps he would have been happier if Absalom had lived and all the king’s servants would have died.  He then told him to go out and encourage all his servants, or they would all leave his service, and things would be worse for him than all the evil that had befallen him.  King David arose and sat in the gate, and all the people were encouraged.

Loss is devastating, regardless of the circumstances.  Losing a child, especially, can be overwhelming.  However, the way one responds to that loss should be balanced against the effect it has on those around the one mourning.  Absalom was an enemy of the king.  He sought his life.  He took his concubines.  He took his throne.  Although it was devastating to lose a child, and the pain was real, he did not balance that against the devastating  nature of feeling that the King did not appreciate the life-sacrificing nature of their defense of the King.  Even when the loss is deep, be sure to notice the blessings that are still around you.  The friendship of those around you may be one of the best resources for which to be thankful!

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