The Return of the King (2 Samuel 19:9 – 24)

After the death of Absalom, the nation was in confusion.  David left, Absalom took over, now Absalom is dead.  What shall we do?  Why not bring back David?David sent word to the priests to ask Judah to bring him back as King.  He offered to make Amasa the commander over the army in place of Joab.  So Judah was swayed, and asked David to return.  Shimei, the Benjamites, Ziba and his sons, and many others ushered David back across the Jordan.  Shines fell down before David and apologized for cursing him, and came as the first of Joseph to welcome back the king.  Alishia wanted to kill Shimei, but David said that no one would die in Israel that day.  David was king again.

When adversity comes, even if you find yourself deposed from the place to which God appointed you, trust in God.  No matter how your enemies work against you, God is in control.  When you allow Him to handle the situation, it will be to your benefit.  Maybe you will be king again, maybe not.  Either way, God will bring you into the place and position for which He needs your package of skills, talent, and anointing.  Trust in the Lord!

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