Barzillai and the rest of Israel (2 Samuel 19:31 – 43)

Barzillai came across the Jordan with the king.  David offered to house and provide for him all the rest of his life as a response to Barzillai’s kindness during David’s flight.  Barzillai said that he was too old to move, and that he would just go home and eventually die at home.  He asked if his servant Chimham could go with him, and David agreed.  The king kissed Barzillai and blessed him and went his way.

Chimham went with the king, and Judah and half the Israelites also went with him.  All of Israel met them and asked why Judah had stolen the king away.  Judah simply said that they were his close relative, and they had received no special consideration or gift from him.  The two sides argued for some time.

This is an example of how humanity can get in the way of progress.  Judah did what they thought was proper, and Israel was offended.  It seemed to be starting a split in the nation.  It is important to prevent the enemy from putting a wedge between brothers and sisters.  God longs for unity in the family of God!

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