David and Mephibosheth Meet (2 Samuel 19:24 – 30)

Mephibosheth came to meet David after he returned to Jerusalem.  He was disheveled and ungroomed.  David asked why he did not go with David, and Mephibosheth said that his servant tricked him, and left without him.  He claimed his servant had slandered him to the king.  Mephibosheth  laid himself at the mercy of the king, and said that he would accept whatever David wanted to do.  David reminded Mephibosheth that he had given Ziba and him the land belonging to Saul.  Mephibosheth said that Ziba could have it all, because David the king had returned.

Whether Mephibosheth was being honest or not, his appeal to David’s mercy was effective.  He received Mephibosheth to himself and basically promised that the land he was provided before was still his possession.  The gratitude of Mephibosheth led him to give away the land, just because of his joy over David’s return.  He mourned for David, and stopped taking care of himself.  Remember to pray and seek God in time of trouble, and then rejoice when the answer comes!

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