Wisdom: You Asked for it, You Got it (1 Kings 3; 2 Chronicles 1:2 – 13)

Solomon went about his business as king of Israel, made a treaty with Egypt, married Pharoah’s daughter, built a house.  However, since there was no house for God, Solomon offered sacrifices to God at high places.  On one such occassion, Solomon offered sacrifices to God at Gibeon, where the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream.  He asked Solomon what He could give him.  He asked for an understanding heart with which to judge God’s people.  Many simplify this to mean wisdom.  God was pleased with Solomon’s request, and lauded him for not asking for selfish things like long life or riches, or military success, but promised he would receive those things as well!  Solomon awoke, went to Jerusalem, and offered sacrifices before the ark of the covenant.

His first test after the dream was a case of two women, harlots, who came before him for judgment.  Both women had given birth, and lived together.  One of them had rolled over on her baby during the night and it died.  Now each women claimed that the living child belonged to her.  Solomon almost did not hesitate, and called for a sword, so that he could cut the baby in half and give half to each of the women.  The true mother of the living child recoiled and begged for them to give the child to the other harlot, while the woman whose child was dead was fine with neither of them having a living child.  Solomon perceived that the first woman was the true mother, and gave the baby to her.  From that day forward, the people lived in awe of Solomon’s wisdom.

When we have audience with our Savior, it is important to not squander our opportunities.  Solomon could have asked for anything, but he asked for wisdom.  Wisdom was exactly what Solomon needed, and prepared him for the job at hand.  When you ask for a particular item for Christmas, very seldom does a child ask for socks or underwear, but rather for a bike, a ball glove, or a video game–even if they really need socks.  But the wise child would ask for socks, and their feet would be warm in the winter.  What is it you are asking of God?  Socks, or roller skates?  A new car, or a missions trip?  A new pen or a fancy hat?  What can you use for the glory of God, and what simply feeds a desire?  It could be that when you ask for socks, you might get a pair of roller skates, too!

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