Teamwork (I Kings 4:1-19)

Solomon is now established as a wise man, with great ability to rule Israel.  He chose his cabinet, including the priest, scribes, recorder, commander of the army, more priests, chief of staff, palace supervisor, and secretary of labor.  This was an organized team, with many areas of administration well-provided.  Then Solomon went on to choose twelve governors, who secured food and provisions for the king’s household.  Each governor was responsible for one month each year.  They are named, roughly representing each of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Wisdom often requires delegation and teamwork.  Without a team to work together, the job becomes too immense for one leader.  This happened in many cases, with a visionary and gifted leader either being overworked to the point of burnout, or given so much authority that he or she became autocratic and a dictator.  When a leader places a team around him that can shoulder the load and own the vision, he was won the world!

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