More Furnishings of the Temple (1 Kings 7:27 – 51; 2 Chronicles 4:6 – 5:1)

Solomon had ten carts made, each carved and decorated with lions, oxen, palm trees, and cherubim.  There were wreaths on the sides of the panels.  Everything was made of bronze.  He also had ten lavers of bronze made, which held forty baths (. Gallons).  Hiram made all these items from bronze, the weight of which was not determined, because it was so great.  After all the work was completed, Solomon brought all the items into the house of the Lord.

Solomon made sure that God had the very best for His house.  Even the transportation was elaborate and ornate, recognizing the worthiness of God to be worshiped.  God deserves our best at every turn and in every circumstance!

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