Solomon Blesses the People, Dedicates the Temple (1 Kings 8:54 – 66; 2 Chronicles 7:1 – 10)

Solomon blessed the people by invoking God’s presence as He was with their ancestors.  He then asked God to “maintain the cause of His servant…and His people Israel.”  He then calls all the people to be loyal to the Lord and walk in His statutes.  He then dedicates the temple by offering thousands of bulls and sheep.  He then held a feast throughout the nation for fourteen days.  He then sent the people away, and they blessed the king for all the good he had done.

Solomon took the dedication seriously, using it as an opportunity to raise the praises of God.  He extolled God’s faithfulness and power to save their nation, and then called Israel to faithfulness to their Lord.  All in all, Solomon makes the dedication of a temple to the Lord an opportunity for solidifying the relationship between Israel and their God.  If the people were committed to building God a house, they must be a people of God that will follow their faithful God to the ends of the earth!

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