God Appears to Solomon Again (1 Kings 9:1 – 14; 2 Chronicles 7:11 – 22, 8:1 – 3)

When Solomon finished building the temple and the king’s house, the Lord appeared to him a second time.  The Lord acknowledged that He had heard Solomon’s prayer, and had consecrated the temple to His name forever.  He then reiterated His promise to have a son of David on the throne, with the caveat that Solomon must follow the statures of the Lord.  But if Solomon or Israel were to follow other gods or deny the law of God, then Israel would be destroyed and made a byword.  After 20 years of building the house of the Lord and the house of the King, Solomon gave twenty cities in Galilee to Hiram.  He did not like the cities, and named them Cabul (Good for Nothing), and then sent the king 120 talents of gold.

Solomon got something better than the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.”  Instead, Solomon got the approval of the King of the Universe concerning his work on a house for the Lord.  When you do things according to God’s instructions, use His ordained materials, and follow His leadership, it is almost certain that God’s approval will follow.  When we do things our own way, and toss the words of the Lord aside, then we stand alone when judgement comes.  One poignant example of God’s favor when you follow Him is the story of Hiram here, who had given Solomon and his kingdom supplies for building, and then had designed and built many of the furnishings for the temple and palace himself.  After he received the promised land or cities from Solomon, and they were not pleasing to him, he turned around and gave Solomon even more money.  Talk about favor!  God used even those who were displeased with Solomon to bless him.  Follow God, and His blessings will follow you.

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