Solomon and the Queen of Sheba (1 Kings 9:15 – 10:13; 2 Chronicles 8:4 – 9:12)

Solomon continued to build, subdue people living in Canaan, and acquire wealth in the days after completing the temple.  He built his wife, Pharaoh’s daughter, a house in Jerusalem.  The Queen of Sheba heard of Solomon’s fame and wisdom, and decided to visit him to see for herself if his wisdom was a great as she had been told.  When she tested him, she found that nothing was too hard for him to answer, and she was amazed at his buildings and innovations, and gave him great gifts of honor.  Solomon also received almug (or algum) wood, with which he built steps and musical instruments.

This is just a testament to Solomon’s abilities and favor.  Some of what Solomon was able to accomplish was simply due to the intellect and wisdom which he possessed.  Some was due to the intercession of the Lord.  Either way, Solomon was the great leader he was due to the hand of God upon his life.  God gave him the wisdom.  God gave him the favor.  God gave him the riches and the influence over other nations.  When God gifts people with great abilities and leadership, great things can be accomplished for His kingdom, if that leader stays humble and follows God unconditionally.

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