Solomon’s Adversaries (1 Kings 11:14 – 25)

Solomon began to have enemies that would rise up against him.  Hadad the Edomite was a descendant of a king in Edom.  David and Joab had gone to Edom and killed every male in the kingdom, but some of the king’s servants had escaped to Egypt with Hadad when he was a young man.  He found favor in Pharoah’s eyes, who gave him a house, food, and land, and even gave him the queen’s sister as a wife.  When Hadad heard that David and Joab were dead, he asked Pharoah’s permission to go back to his own country.  Pharoah was a bit disappointed, but Hadad assured him that Pharoah had done no wrong, and Hadad left Egypt.

Another enemy, Rezon of Zobah, was the son of Eliadah, a servant of the king of Zobah, Hadadezer.  Rezon fled when David killed the men of Zobah, and lived in Damascus, reigning there over Syria.  He fought Israel all the days of Solomon, and despised Israel.

Two things to note here:  First, Solomon had to re-fight some of the battles of his father.  Know that your actions don’t just effect you, but they will probably effect your family, friends, and children.  Choose your actions wisely, for your children may have to deal with them.  Second, Solomon’s story has no mention of enemies or adversaries until the story told of his worshipping foreign gods.  Be sure that when you replace God with something sinful or evil, God will allow you to walk in that path, even though it may cost you.  Walk right, and God’s protection and guidance will guard your steps!

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