Elisha Raises the Dead (2 Kings 4:8 – 41)

While Elisha was in Shunem, he met a notable woman who hosted him and he stopped there often to eat with her husband and her.  The Shunammite woman asked her husband to make him a small upper room where he could stay when in the area.  They did, and on one such visit Elisha asked his servant, Gehazi, to summon the woman.  Once she arrived, he declared that she would have a son about a year from that time.  Although she was doubtful, it surely happened that she conceived and had a child, even though her husband was older.  As he grew, one day the boy went out to his father as he worked, and suddenly complained of pain in his head.  A servant took the boy to his mother, and she took him up to the man of God’s room.  She asked her husband for a donkey on which she could go to the man of God.  When she came to him at Mount Carmel, she asked for Elisha to help her.  Elisha sent Gehazi to put Elisha’s staff on the child’s face.  There was no change.  Then Elisha went up and shut the door behind him and prayed.  After that, Elisha laid on the child twice, and the boy sneezed seven times and opened his eyes.  He sent for the woman and she picked up her son and went out.

Afterward, Elisha returned to Gilgal where there was a famine.  He told his servant to prepare a stew for the sons of the prophets.  They gathered vines and gourds and sliced them up in a stew.They served it to the men, and they claimed there was death in the pot.  Elisha told them to bring some flour, and he put it in the pot and the pot was fine.

Elisha demonstrated some very poignant truths in this story.  First, God does make promises and declare His blessings over us.  When we see the promise begin to fade away, however, we should not give up or be paralyzed by fear.  Instead, go back to the one who declared the promise.  Ultimately, go back to God Himself and trust him for the promise.  Even when it seems the promise is dead, God can bring the promise back to life.  Trust Him and believe in Him no matter what!  Second, Elisha had such a close relationship with His Lord, that he even knew immediately what was necessary in order to bring healing to a poisonous situation.  Trust God and be in a relationship with Him that will provide answers to every toxic situation into which you may enter.


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