Ben-Hadad Dies; Hazael Reigns in Syria (2 Kings 8:7 – 24)

Ben-Hadad inquired of Elisha as to whether he would die from the sickness with which he suffered.  Elisha spoke to his servant Hazael and said for him to tell Ben-Hadad that he would recover from his disease, when really he would die.  He wept because of the carnage he knew Hazael would inflict on Israel, and Hazael asked why he wept.  Elisha told him that he knew he would become king over Syria.  Hazael went back to Ben-Hadad and told him that Elisha said he would recover from his sickness.  The next day, though, Hazael suffocated Ben-Hadad, and reigned in his place.

Joram became king in Judah, in place of his father Jehoshaphat.  He did evil, as the kings of Israel had done, having married the daughter of Ahab.  God did not destroy him  or Judah for David’s sake.  However, Edom and Libnah revolted against Joram, and there was conflict all of his days.  At the end of his life, Ahaziah his son reigned in his place.

One very frightening and comforting thought comes to mind with these passages.  God knows everything that is going to happen in our lives.  Sometimes He seems to intervene and sometimes he seems to ignore the situation.  The frightening part is that He sees my weaknesses, my failures, my apostasy, just as He did with Judah and Israel in this period of their history.  He recognized the sins and the holiness of kings and leaders.  He raised some up and took some down.  So, even when it seems that God does not do anything, we can rest assured that God does see and is doing exactly what needs to be done, and never does what does not need to be done.  HE HAS A PLAN, AND YOU ARE PART OF IT!  So, even when you do not understand, even when you are emotionally crushed by the circumstances and even weep bitterly over what is happening in your life, even when you don’t understand or like what God is doing, remember that God has a plan.  You don’t have to like it or enjoy it all the time.  However, you do need to embrace it and live it and know that God knows best in every case.  Trust the plan.  Some modern philosopher once said, “If you work the plan, the plan will work.”  In the case of God’s plan, that is so true!

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