Ahaziah in Judah; Jehu in Israel (2 Kings 8:25 – 9:13)

Ahaziah followed Jehoram as king in Judah, and served one year.  He, like Jehoram, did evil as the house of Ahab did in Israel.  He allied with Joram, the son of Ahab, king of Israel.  This was a dark time in all of Israel and Judah.

Elisha the prophet call one of the sons of the prophets and told him to take a flask of oil to Ramoth Gilead and find Jehu, son of Nimshi and anoint him as king of Israel.  He was to do this and then run away.  He did just that, calling Jehu the Commander out from among the captains of the army and anointing him with oil.  He prophecied that he would strike down the house of Ahab and avenge the blood of the prophets and servant of the Lord.  He further prophecied that all the house of Ahab would be killed, and that the dogs would eat Jezebel at Jezreel.  Then he fled.  Jehu returned to his friends, downplaying the event, but they knew something significant had been said.  He revealed that the Lord had anointed him king, and they put their garments under Jehu’s feet and blew trumpets, declaring him king.

What we see hear is another example of the providence and will of God being enacted in the life of a man who would be obedient to God.  Especially in a nation or nations that did not have elections, the people were subject to a monarch until something drastic happened (death, war, assassination) to dethrone ruler.  Joram was an evil king in Israel, as was Ahaziah in Judah at this time.  God called Jehu to rid the nation of both corrupt kings, which he would do (as will be seen in the next few days’ blogs).  But this moment, where Elisha sends one of the sons of the prophets to Jehu to anoint him, stresses the importance of the prophetic voice in a nation.  In times of upheaval and stress related to the present condition or the future direction of a nation, the voice of the prophet must be heard.  Whether you have access to the ear of a president, a governor, or a mayor; whether you speak to a congressman, a senator, or whether you simply have an opportunity to declare truth from God’s word to the constituency of a town, city, or state, do not be afraid to speak what thus says the Lord.  When the prophetic voice of a nation is silent, kings fall into sin, and a nation falls into judgement.  Cry aloud and declare the word of the Lord!

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