The Kingly Slate is Wiped Clean(2 Kings 9:14 – 29)

Jehu, after being anointed king, departed from the captains and went to Jezreel, where King Joram was recovering from his wounds received in battle against Syria.  He rode furiously, and was spotted by a watchman on the wall of Jezreel.  He told the king a chariot was approaching, and he sent a messenger to ask if he came in peace.  The first messenger went out and asked Jehu if he came in peace, and Jehu basically said no and told him to follow his chariot.  The watchman told what had happened, and Joram sent another messenger, and the process repeated.  The the watchman identified Jehu, and Joram prepared and went out to him in his own chariot, and invited Ahaziah, king of Judah–his guest at that moment–to ride out with him.  Joram asked Jehu, “Is it peace?”  But Jehu told him that there could be no peace as long as his mother Jezebel continued in her witchcraft.  At that moment, Joram turned and fled, as did Ahaziah.  Jehu took his bow and shot Joram in the heart, killing him.  Jehu then instructed his servant Bidkar to pick him up and throw him in the field of Naboth, which fulfilled the prophecy that the blood of Ahab’s sons would be shed on the same plot where Naboth died.  Ahaziah fled as well, but Jehu pursued him, and shot him at the Ascent of Gur.  He fled to Megiddo and died there.  At this point, both kings of the Israelites were dead.

It never ceases to amaze me how violent and bloody the history of Israel comes across.  It was a different time, a time of conquest and war at every turn.  We have a great luxury in knowing that we do not have a high risk of warfare on our own soil.  There was no process for impeachment of a king in the days of Israel’s Old Testament history.  However, God does not need impeachment proceedings.  God advances leaders, and God deposes leaders.  His will is sovereign, and He works through those whom He calls to fulfill His purpose.  It makes it even more important to live, as best as we can, in the will of God and be His instrument for peace.  Don’t live in such a way that God sends a Jehu to take your place.

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