Jehu Establishes the Word of the Lord (2 Kings 10:12 – 17)

Jehu went toward Samaria.  On the way, he met the brother of Ahaziah, and Jehu had them captured and killed, 42 men in all.  He went further, and met up with Jehonadab, and ascertained his allegiance to Jehu.  After Jehonadab pledged his allegiance, Jehu invited him to come with him to Samaria, where he destroyed all the rest of Ahab’s house.  This was done according to the word of Elijah the prophet.

The calling of God is not always an easy path to walk.  Some things God will ask you to do will be difficult, for various reasons.  When Jehu accepted the kingship of Israel, he started down a path of restoration in Israel that began with cleaning out the seed of Ahab.  While Jehu was a warrior in Israel, it was not a pleasant thing to kill all the men in Ahab’s house.  But Jehu longed to fulfill and establish the word of the Lord and then be established as king.  If you want God’s blessings and His approval, follow His instructions and live by His commands.  God will honor your obedience!

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