Jehu’s Reign Ends (2 Kings 10:32 – 11:3)

Due to the incomplete removal of idols, God began to cut off parts of Israel.  Hazael from Syria took all the land east of the Jordan – Gad, Reuben, and Manasseh.  Then Jehu died.  When Ahaziah died in Judah, his mother Athaliah killed all the royal heirs but one, who was hidden away.  His name was Joash.  For six years he was hidden, while Athaliah reigned over Judah.  

The Providence of God is powerful.  Joash was just a young child when he became king.  The six years he was in hiding was a preparation time, to get him ready to serve, even at a young age.  Then he was tutored by the priests, and did the will of God for the nation.  We need to watch for the hand of God as He moves us where we need to be, and when He puts the people in our path that can help us reach the purpose of God for our lives.  Live in the will of God to the best of your ability, and one day you will be exalted the the position for which God created you!

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