Elisha’s Last Acts (2 Kings 13:10 – 21)

Jehoash becomes king in Israel in Samaria, and continues the sins of Jeroboam, died, and was buried in Samaria.  Then, Jeroboam II reigned in Israel.  About this time, Elisha became sick with the disease which would kill him.  When Joash(Jehoash) the king comes to mourn for him, Elisha gives him instructions with which to demonstrate the prophecy of the Lord.  He tells him to take a bow and arrow and shoot out the east window, which he does.  Elisha declares that Joash must strike the Syrians until they are destroyed.  He then tells him to take the arrows and strike the ground.  Joash strikes three times, to which Elisha got angry and scolded Joash, telling him that he should have struck the ground 5 or 6 times.  This signified that Joash’s victory over Syria would only be partial.  Elisha then died, and he was buried.  Raiding parties from Moab invaded Israel.  They spied a raiding band as they were burying one of their men, and just put him in the tomb with Elisha.  When he was let down and touch the bones of Elisha, he revived and stood up.

Two things stand out in this story:  Elisha death bed prophecy, and his continuing work, even after his death.  Elisha could have done like so many people, and decided to retire and let others work in his place.  However, Elisha continued to obey God and serve Him even as he was on his death bed.  God is looking for His people to be His people and serve Him until there is no more breath in our bodies.  And even after Elisha was dead, the power of God working in his life was enough to raise the dead, as the man’s dead body touched Elisha’s bones and revived.  Is our legacy making a difference in the lives of others even after we are gone?  If we leave a powerful legacy, our lives and testimonies will continue to affect others even after our voices are quieted in death!

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