Jehoash v. Amaziah (2 Kings 13:22 – 14:22; 2 Chronicles 25)

Hazael, king of Syria died and Syria’s oppression of Israel ended.  Jehoash took back the cities Hazael had taken, defeating Ben-Hadad, Hazael’s son.  Amaziah became king in Judah, and did what was right before the Lord, but not as well as David.  Amaziah killed all the servants who had murdered his father, but not their children (in obedience to the law).  He defeated Edom in the Valley of Salt.  He then challenged Israel and Jehoash to a battle.  Jehoash warned him that this would lead to his defeat, that his heart was lifted up because of his victoy over Edom, but that he could not defeat Israel.  Amaziah would not listen, and Judah was defeated, and the wall of Jerusalem was partially destroyed.  A conspiracy was formed against Amaziah later, and he was killed, and Azariah became king in his place.

In this passage, we see the danger of family fighting, as neither side won in the battle between Israel and Judah.  Also, we see the danger of pride, as Amaziah was puffed up because of one victory and ended up losing his life later because of his impetuous act.  Be confident, but humble, knowing the will of God prior to taking drastic action.  When you do act, don’t try to kill you family.  Instead, join together to fight the real enemy!

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