The Geneology (1 Chronicles 1 – 9)

The material from First and Second Kings is concluded.  Parallel passages from the Chronicles have been treated alongside material from Samuel and Kings.  There are some passages from the Chronicles left to address.  We begin the first one today, chapters one through nine, which give the genealogy of the nation of Israel.

I have mentioned many times that Israel had a wonderful sense of history and tradition in their nation.  The lengthy genealogy at the beginning of Chronicles demonstrates that quality.  The Chronicler lists the families of Israel all the way from Adam to David, including Adam’s descendants, the descendants of Abraham, Ishmael, Seir (Edom), Isaac, Jacob (Israel), David, Solomon, the Twelve Sons of Israel, then goes on to list musicians, priests, levites, and gatekeepers, then eventually the family of Saul, which leads into an account in chapter 10 of Saul’s death.

While many of the names in this genealogy have little or no significance to the “big” stories of the Bible, it is important to at least understand the significance of the big picture.  This nation was descended from the first man and woman created, Adam and Eve.  This nation grew from one family (Abraham and Sarah), into a massive nation, with millions of citizens.  This nation changed the landscape of the region of Canaan, and became a powerhouse in the Middle East.  Knowing and remembering the people who were a part of that helps the nation remember from where God brought them.  We need to remember the small beginnings and the journey in order to maintain our dependence upon God and His ability to empower, protect, and lead us into His plan for our lives.  We must remember the people who poured into us, invested in us, and helped us along the way.  We must remember fathers and mothers, in the flesh and the spirit, who birthed us and nurtured us to maturity.  We must remember the struggle, and those who were alongside us in the trenches.  Never forget from whence you came.  Israel did, and they failed.

Someone passed the torch of faith on to you.  Be sure that you pass the torch of faith on to another generation, and never forget what it cost others and you to get to where you are today.  The cost of living for Christ is worth it, but the loss of Christ would be tragic.  Let us be every diligent to raise up spiritual children and keep the torch lit in our lineage for years to come, until He comes!

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