The Beginning of Restoration (Ezra 1)

Cyrus king of Persia recognized the power and worth of the God of Israel.  He was commanded by God to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.  He called for people from Judah to go back to Jerusalem to carry out the task.  He encouraged those living around them to give them silver and gold, goods and livestock, to rebuild.  The heads of the houses of Judah and Benjamin arose to go back and build.  They received much support from their neighbors.  King Cyrus brought out the items from the temple which Nebuchadnezzer had taken and placed in the temple of  Babylon’s gods.  There were five thousand four hundred articles altogether.  Sheshbazzar was made prince of Judah and took the items and a team to begin the rebuilding process.

Sometimes God gives back the things that have been ripped from our lives by the most unusual methods.  He restores us using our very own enemies.  He gives back the very articles that were stolen, and then gives us even more.  The key is to never give up hope and always have your eyes open, ready to move when God gives the opportunity.  Just because God does not operate according to your timetable does not mean that God is late.  He is simply God, and we are not.  Trust God with all your heart and lean on Him!

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