The Word of the Lord (Nehemiah 8:1 – 18)

When Nehemiah had Ezra the scribe open and read the book of the Word of the Lord, the entire congregation gathered.  When he opened the book to read, they all stood up for the reading.  They cried out “Amen,” bowed their heads, and worshipped the Lord.  Some wept, and Nehemiah encouraged them to rejoice, because this was a great day.  The Levites helped them understand the Word, and they supplied the people with instructions for a feast.  Nehemiah declared that this was a holy day to the Lord, “Do not sorrow, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”  And they heeded the words of Nehemiah, and the Word of the Lord.

The Word of the Lord had not been available in this way in some time.  They had been in captivity, without the work of priesthood freely operating.  They had not had a temple in which to worship the Lord.  But here, all of a sudden is Ezra, the scribe, standing on a platform, reading the Word of the Lord.  What a triumphant and moving experience to see this happen for the first time in so many years!  Perhaps this powerfully emotional story should be a reminder of the importance of the Word, and the power of the Word.  Let the Word of God occupy a place of honor and a place of value in your life.  The Word is Life!

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