Praising God and Watching the Gate (Nehemiah 11:25 – 12:26)

In this passage of Nehemiah, we see a list of people who lived outside of Jerusalem in the land of Judah.  There are descendants of Levites who served with David, and there were priests, heads of houses descended from Aaron.  There was even a record in Persia under Darius of the priests and Levites who were serving at the time of the captivity of Judah. The primary service of these Levites outside of Jerusalem was to offer praise and thanksgiving to God, alternating so that praise would go up all during the day.  Yet there were also Levites stationed to keep watch at the storerooms of the gates.

What is the significance of this arrangement of assignments and service?  Just like in our homes and churches today, we should offer praise at all times and extol the glory of God to our houses, workplaces, and churches.  God is worthy of continual praise, and praise dispels darkness and makes demons flee.  The second thing to see here is that the cities had gate keepers who watched the gates of the storerooms.  We must guard the gates of our lives against the influence of sin and temptation.  Guard your home, family, church, and soul from the influences of the culture while spreading the good news of the Gospel every day!

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