The Sound of Joy (Nehemiah 12:27 – 43)

In this passage, Nehemiah recounts the tremendous celebration of Judah in the House of God.  They had rebuilt the temple, rebuilt the city walls, restored the surrounding cities, assigned officers, priests, Levites, and gatekeepers.  Now the singers and musicians assembled and made ready for a celebration.  The Levites were summoned from the surrounding cities, and men, women, and children made ready and then did sing unto the Lord a song of celebration as they offered sacrifices and rejoiced.  God had made them rejoice!  Nehemiah recounts that the sound was so great of rejoicing that “the joy of Jerusalem was heard afar off.”

Great loss produces great mourning.  Great restoration produces great rejoicing.  When God gives back what was lost, or if He gives you new blessings after a loss, rejoice!  When living in a great time of loss, look forward to the joy God will bring when restoration comes.

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