Haman’s Hateful Plot Against Mordecai (Esther 5:9 – 14)

Haman was happy to have been invited to the banquet with the king and queen, but was infuriated by Mordecai’s refusal to bow or tremble before him.  Haman went home and called in his friends and his wife.  He bragged about how he was rich and how the king had advanced him above all other officials.  He then told them how he was invited to the banquet with Esther.  However, in spite of all the great things that had happened to him, he saw it all as nothing as long as Mordecai lived.  His wife told him to build a gallows fifty cubits high, and suggest that Mordecai be hanged in the morning.  Haman loved the idea, had the gallows built, and went on his way.

Haman allowed his disdain for Mordecai to cloud his judgment.  He connived to have an entire race eradicated.  He plotted to have an innocent man executed due to his own pride.  He was very proud of his own accomplishments, but could not be satisfied with his own accomplishments due to one area of disappointment.  Haman was a self-absorbed, ruthless, driven individual who obsessed over all things and had a self-inflated ego.  He built the gallows for Mordecai, 75 feet high, hoping to see him hang on them.  However, this decision would prove ominous and self-destructive.  The moral of this story is not to obsess over your own success, but rejoice in the success of others.  Then your success will be seen in the proper perspective.

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